Stripped to the waist We fall into the river. Cover your eyes So you don't know the secret I've been trying to hide. We held our breath To see our names are written On the wreck of '86 That was the year I knew the panic was over + /

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Food: burgers, pozole, enchiladas

Drink: coca cola~

Book: Ensayo sobre la ceguera

Tv shows: friends and seinfeld

Band: JYJ

School subject: anything except math

Actor: Lee jungjae

Actress: Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz

Siblings: 2 sisters

Dream job: interior designer or manager

Fears: idk talking in front of people?

Religion: catholic

Tattoos: none

Piercings: 2 in my ears

Languages: english and spanish, 3 years of french but I can only only say bonjour and 2 years of japanese, I can ask where the bathroom is

Reason behind my url: junsu’s fans are called xiapwas

First url: geniexiah, until junsu started the whole genie time thing and I decided to change my un

# of blogs: 2 blogs

Tag game No.2

16 things that make me happy

my family, dslr cameras, cute logos, new fonts, nail art, animals, 10x10, junsu, movies, rain (not the singer), talking to my sister on skype, cooking, photoshop

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